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Managing fleets effectively during the holiday season

Christmas and the holiday season, coming right after the Black Friday madness, are probably the busiest time of the year and the most demanding one for managers in charge of fleets, either small or big.

Everything needs to be smooth, but there are plenty of factors against you: increased demand, more traffic on the roads, poor weather conditions, increased drink driving... to mention just a few.

The key, therefore, is to be prepared. If you manage a fleet it doesn’t matter whether you are supp

Fleet Management System: Transpoco Move

With its integrated GPS tracking technology, Transpoco Move is a powerful fleet management system offering a number of features for locating vehicles, generating journey and working reports, optimising routes, setting up driving style alerts and much more. With Transpoco Move you will have your fleet under control 24/7, from any device, by means of a cloud computing software and a dedicated smartphone Fleet Manager app.

Learn what our fleet management system can do for your fleet! Here you can

Customer Case Study - Actavo Group

How can you reduce accidents in your fleet with the help of a collision management system powered by AI?

With the implementation of fleet telematics with our integrated AI camera, fleets like Actavo can drastically reduce accidents and the significant costs associated with them.

Download our free Customer Case Study and learn how Actavo Group reached success with SynX.

In the case study, you will read about how Actavo Group, an engineering solutions company:
• They identified a serious challe