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Does Airplane Mode Turn Off Location?

Whether you’re flying to a city for vacation or accidentally pressed the button when trying to turn your flashlight on, everyone has seen airplane mode’s effects on their phone. Generally, cellular service and wifi are disabled once the mode is activated, but how does it affect location sharing?

The GPS feature of your phone does not operate off of cellular service, so your device will send out signals in case of an emergency while in airplane mode. However, any apps you download, such as Life3

6 Safety Tips for Female Runners

For many women, running is a fun way to stay active and pass the time. It doesn’t require a gym membership, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to improve their overall physical fitness. However, even though running provides a wealth of health benefits, it can also be dangerous.

On top of everyday running dangers there has also been an increase in incidents where women are being assaulted while running. One of the most recent incidents that made national news happened in September

What Happened to Zenly? | Zenly Shut Down Date

Although Zenly has grown in popularity throughout European and Asian countries over the past decade, Snapchat’s parent company, Snap, has decided to close the business. At this time, there hasn’t been an official date set for the closing of Zenly, but many users are starting to realize that they’ll soon need to find a new location sharing app to use with friends and family.

Zenly is a unique location sharing app that originated out of Paris, France, in 2011. The premise of the mobile app was to
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Community platform

Generally, a community platform is a type of software that allows businesses to create an online community where people who share the same interests, passion, or goals can come together to interact and have conversations.

They typically have built-in features to enable users to create profiles, share content, comment on threads, and join discussions. The community platforms used by brands are white-label, which means companies can add their branding.

Most community platforms will help facil

What is Gamification | Glossary

Gamification is when you add elements commonly found in games to other areas of life. A typical example is point scoring and prizes. The idea is that these elements can be powerful motivators.

In a customer community, gamification can encourage interaction by rewarding members for their efforts. You could let users vote on posts they like or assign tags or roles to active users.

Community engagement is key for organizations looking to lean on a community-led growth strategy for their products
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In this context, dashboards are tools used by marketers and community managers to understand the performance of the community using a single platform. Dashboards enable users to schedule, publish, view, and reply to posts. They can also be used to generate analytics reports and for social listening.

Some dashboards come pre-built, while others are customizable, giving users the ability to display all and only the information most relevant to them or their organization.

For companies with an on
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Community engagement

Community engagement, in a nutshell, is all about crafting a coherent set of processes to nurture the members and investing in member development. This boosts the number of active people are in your community. An active community builds more value and helps members create stronger relationships.

The best way to encourage engagement is to ensure your community has a clear, worthwhile purpose. If this is the case, engagement will often occur organically.

Beyond this, community managers can encou
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What is Community-led Growth

While companies can utilize many go-to-market strategies, a community-led growth approach focuses on a group of brand advocates and supporters to help market a product or service.

Generally, this approach relies on word-of-mouth advertising generated from the community sharing information about products and the brand itself. However, relying on your community to inform others of your offerings isn’t enough. Often you’ll also need to put a community manager in place.

These individuals will be r
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Brand Advocacy

Every company wants its customers to rave about its products or services. Whether it’s the benefits they receive from using your products or the excellent customer service you provide, you want people to view your brand positively.

When current or past customers share their positive experiences, love your brand, or promote your products and services, that’s known as brand advocacy.

Brand advocacy is one of the most effective ways to attract new customers and cut down on marketing costs. Since
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Community Administrators

As the popularity of online communities continues to grow, organizations that run these digital environments are continually looking for ways to better moderate the occurring conversations and activities.

One way to maintain control in an online community is through administrators, also known as moderators. These individuals play an essential role in your online community and provide the structure you need to have an inclusive environment.

Let’s dive in and see what role administrators play an