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Take it to the Limit

Take it to the Limit

LTOs, or limited time offers, can be drivers of a restaurant’s marketing plan. According to recent reports, more than half of restaurant owners and operators say LTOs are a vital part of their business. With so many restaurants planning fall LTO roll outs, how can your establishment stand out from the rest?

One way is to take a different tack than typical LTO promos like offering discounts. While guests love paying less for their meals, most restaurants will have an LTO fo

Takin’ it to the Streets

Takin it to the Streets

Every restaurant owner wants to serve customers a unique menu full of classic dishes and exciting new flavors. However, finding inspiration for new items can be challenging if only traditional offerings are considered. Many communities and cultures feature street food vendors that have become staples for diners.

For instance, jerk chicken originated as a Jamaican street food item but has become a popular dish in restaurants across the U.S. While not every street food ma

3 Ways to Turn Summer Leftovers into Winning Fall Favorites

Finding new ways to maximize inventory is crucial for a restaurant's success. As summer is slowly winding down, it's time to begin thinking about transitioning from your current menu to one that brings in elements of fall.

For many eateries, this means transforming the menu to include heartier dishes or bringing back items that pair well for a cool autumn day. The good news is that you can also use many of the ingredients you've been incorporating into summer menu for new dishes. This can be a

Eatertainment: The Name of the Game

Eatertainment: The Name of the Game

According to Datassential’s Eatertainment HotShot Report, 50% of consumers are interested in revisiting an eatertainment experience1. The combo of entertainment and dining isn’t a new concept. As restaurants slowly reopened after the pandemic, we saw vintage arcade bars, food halls, themed pop-ups, axe-throwing bars, and more take center stage.

The new wave of eatertainment allows restaurateurs to play around with a new revenue stream and stand out from the

Cool Down High Energy Costs

In talking with experts across the industry, balancing food and labor costs is always a constant for restaurants. But one area you might be able to cut down on costs is your energy bill.

Even though energy costs typically account for only about 5% of total operating costs in most cases, finding ways to save money can greatly impact your restaurant’s bottom line. Let’s look at a few strategies you can use to help save on energy bills this summer.

Before you implement any sort of cost-saving mea

Get the Most out of Your Ghost

Get the Most out of Your Ghost

Though some restaurant owners have had to alter their business over the last few years due to COVID, several good things have come out of the pandemic. One particular concept is the rise of ghost kitchens.

While ghost kitchens have been around for a bit, it wasn't until recently that more and more started popping up around the country. These eateries act as virtual kitchens where consumers can order food and have it delivered. Here's a deeper look at ghost kitche

Fire Up the Fourth

One of the biggest celebrations of the year is the 4th of July. And while the holiday is traditionally about grilling out, there are ways that restaurants can take advantage of the big day too.

Here are 5 strategies your restaurant can implement to drive customers into your establishment for the Fourth:

On the Fourth, millions of people line up to party and watch fireworks. Hosting a celebration at your restaurant with holiday-themed contests is a great way to capture the spirit of July 4th an

5 Strategies for Restaurant Recruiting

Even before the pandemic, finding the perfect talent to round out your restaurant staff was challenging. With local competitors vying for the same candidates, it’s important to ensure your restaurant is doing everything it can to attract potential employees. That includes having a well-rounded recruitment strategy.

If you’re looking for new ways to reach potential cooks or waitstaff, here are a few ideas to consider adding to your current recruiting efforts.

One easy way to improve your chance

Warm Up to Frozen Foods

Controlling food costs and labor are two of the main challenges facing restaurants. And one way to address these issues — frozen foods.

From to-go cocktails to meal kits, the pandemic ushered in a new era of restaurant creativity. Chefs and restaurant owners are applying that same level of innovation to frozen products. Frozen inventory can help control food costs and make the prep process easier. It has the potential to increase profits and reduce waste, all without sacrificing quality. This f

Kick Off Summer with Memorial Day Promotions

Memorial Day provides opportunities for restaurants to celebrate with their local community. Not only can you offer special discounts to active and retired military members, but it’s also a great time to launch your summer menu or try out new dishes.

Here are 6 promotion ideas to try out in your restaurant this year:

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that Memorial Day is a time to honor those who have served or are currently serving in our military. One way to do that is to offer

Mother’s Day Marketing Strategies

Out of all the holidays, Mother’s Day is often one of the busiest for restaurants across the country. Families see it as an opportunity to treat Mom to a day or night out where she doesn’t have to worry about anything else, other than ordering delicious food.

Consider some of these creative promotions and marketing strategies to ensure parties choose your restaurant when making reservations for the special day.

You have worked hard to build beverage, brunch, dinner, and dessert menus that Mom

Livin’ That Shelf Life

There’s no secret about it — food cost is generally one of the highest expenses a company has, along with labor. In fact, according to Restaurant Report, a profitable restaurant can expect food costs to account for as much as 35% of its total expenses.

One way to manage food costs is to ensure your inventory lasts as long as possible. Fresh products can have a limited shelf life, which means that if you can’t use the products you ordered, you could be throwing away money.

Consider mixing in hi

Get Comfy

There's no doubt that health and wellness trends continue to rise, and perhaps nowhere is this felt more than within the foodservice industry. Still, while consumers may be leaning more towards vegan, gluten-free, and adaptogenic diets, there is definitely still room on the plate for decadent comfort food.

According to research, more Americans are seeking out their favorite nostalgia-inducing cuisine than ever. In fact, data shows that sales of comfort food in the first two months of 2022 were