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How Crawford United’s approach to acquisition is spurring growth while keeping manufacturing jobs in the US

In today’s business world, it’s common for companies to grow by buying out and assimilating smaller organizations. Although the acquisition process typically involves integrating teams, systems and processes – that isn’t always the case. For the past six years, Crawford United has shown that an acquisition doesn’t need to mean change — it can simply mean growth.

“The companies we acquire are the best in their respective industries, and they have already perfected the manufacturing process,” sai

Supporting Cuyahoga County with a diverse behavioral health care workforce

Even though the pandemic impacted millions, some positives came from COVID-19. For example, with most of the world shut down, many had the opportunity to slow down and spend more time with their loved ones.

Another unexpected positive outcome of the pandemic was the increased awareness of mental health issues and substance abuse.

During the prolonged times of isolation and stress, many people started to realize mental health was something that needed to be prioritized at the community level. H

Notable Latino Leaders - Ricardo León

Ricardo León grew up in Cleveland and has dedicated himself to improving the city in a thoughtful, equitable way.

As chief operating officer for the Cuyahoga Land Bank, he manages a $27 million budget. He’s playing a pivotal role in the nonprofit’s focal shift from demolition into development.

Before joining the land bank in 2022, León served as executive director of Metro West Community Development Organization on the city’s West Side. He led a community process to create a Spanish-English ma

Committed to helping boys forge their own path

The experience a young boy has from the time he enters a school to the time he graduates has a resounding impact on who he becomes later in life. For many current and past students of University School, their time at the independent day school has played a pivotal role in developing them into the person they are today.

With opportunities to explore different interests, participate in community activities and engage socially with mentors and friends, it’s easy to see why many former students tal