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High-quality content marketing support at an affordable price

DDS Creative

Writing for a Purpose

To help support the communities we serve, DDS Creative has decided to donate 15% of our profits each quarter to a local charity in the Northeast Ohio area. For Q1 of 2024, we will donate towards "A Special Wish."

Current Amount to Donate = $864.38

Working with a Professional Writer

Creating high-quality content consistently is challenging for even the most experienced marketing teams. Working with a professional writer helps remove the burden of content creation from your team members and allows them to focus on what’s important — your customers.

DDS Creative is led by the Director of Content Strategy & Execution, Doug Shaffer. Doug has over 10+ years of experience creating overarching content marketing strategies and implementing tactics that drive lead generation and increased customer engagement.

Learn more about the team at DDS Creative.

Versatility at an Affordable Price

Finding a content marketing team that understands your industry at an affordable price is often like looking for a unicorn.

Either you find an affordable team without industry knowledge, or you find an experienced team that is outside your budget.

With DDS Creative, you get both!

We've spent over a decade working with companies across 10 different industries and are usually 10-15% cheaper than competitors.

The Agency Built for Agencies

Most agencies rely on outside resources such as contractors and freelance writers to help support their internal teams. However, most of these contributors don't have experience working in the agency model.

With DDS Creative, you have access to an experienced writer who has worked with agencies and feels comfortable switching between audiences or mediums.